Equipment Rental

We at Carter Sod Farm are working hand in hand with Southeastern Trailer and Equipment to provide our customers with as many tools as possible to make your job easier. Together we have both turf equipment as well as trailers. Trailer models range from single axle trailers to larger dump trailers. Turf equipment ranges from hand pull rollers to commercial grade roll sod installers.

When you call about rentals, you will be redirected to Southeastern Trailer and Equipment for availability 

Diamond C 7'x12' Dump Trailer

Daily Rate          $125

Weekly Rate     $500

Diamond C 7k Single Axle Tilt

Daily Rate          $50

Weekly Rate     $200

Magnum M4826D Big Roll Installer

Daily Rate          $350

Weekly Rate     $1,050


Water filled roller (Free with grass purchase )

Daily Rate         $20

Weekly Rate    $60

3pt installer.JPG

3-Point hitch roll sod installer

Daily Rate         $100

Weekly Rate     $300